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Why study Medicine?

Entry from a current Undergraduate Medicine Student at Monash University.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wanted to study medicine since you started school all those years ago. And with good reason – medicine is a...


Important UMAT Dates

  • UMAT2017 date: Wednesday, 26 July 2017
  • UMAT2017 registrations – opened early December 2016 (register via ACER website)
  • ...

So Where Do I Start my UMAT Journey...

And how much time do I need to get ready for the UMAT?

At NIE, we are quite often asked the following few questions, when it comes to preparing for the UMAT using our material:

  • So where do I start and how much time do I need to get...

UMAT NIE 2017 Schedule

UMAT 2017 Courses and Medical interview Workshops are now open

UMAT 2017 Preparation Courses are now available from the NIE website.

Medical Interview NIE workshop dates are now booked and starting to...

UMAT Preparation Books

Printed fresh every year, and containing all updated information.

There are 8 books in Premium and DLP UMAT Preparation Courses and 10 books in the Platinum and Platinum DLP Courses.

Construct Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving (previously known as...

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